Digital Synthesis FM Transmitter

Project presentation and module overview

This FM transmitter project was started back in 1991 and completed sometime around 1993, long before IT Group was legally registered as a company in Romania. The original business idea was to target the east-European FM radio stations market which at that time was totally untapped, but the project eventually succumbed to the perennially corrupt Romanian bureaucracy (and, sure enough, Marconi, Philips and the likes happily seized their opportunity and hit the jackpot all over eastern Europe). Interestingly enough though, FM technology didn't really change at all for over 20 years (except only for the disappearance of the eastern-block OIRT standard), so the modules developed during this early 90's project are still technologically valid some 20 years later.

Digital synthesis exciter, factory-preset frequency, OIRT band (obsolete)

Digital synthesis exciter, programmable frequency, dual band OIRT/CCIR

Wide band tank