comments start with a double-quote " character followed by a commentId character ('*' in this comment)
  the website tip section contains a single group enclosed in {(...)} and must itself not contain any '(' and ')' characters
  menu sections are enclosed in {} and contain at least two '(...)' groups each
  menu chapters are encolsed in []
  ~ between menus insers extra <br> spacings
  ^ instead of | as link-to-text separator means open in new window
  ! instead of | as link-to-text separator means the link is inactive and may be skipped in the menu source
  @ at the beginning of a chapter makes it a book (i.e. display 'previous' and 'next' links on the book's pages)
  do not use special HTML characters in the menu, such as &, <, >, etc
  do not use simple paranthesis ( and ) or double-quotes " in text (e.g. menu titles, tips, etc)

"*the WSX template Help pop-up*"

{(Website Navigation Tips:|Click the first 'refresh' icon to collapse the website navigation menus except the one containing the currently opened page|Click one of the languages to change the current language|Click the currently selected language in the language menu to collapse all the website navigation menus and open the website's home page in the current language|Click the color-dotted icon to change the website skin|Click the CD icon to open the current document in a new window, thus making it available for saving, printing, emailing, etc|Input a search term in the search box and then click the lens icon to perform a website search|Click the Up arrow at the bottom-right of the window to go to the table of contents and/or to the top of the page||Extras:|Double-click the page header image to change the website skin|Double-click inside a blank area in the page browser menu to close all menus|Double-click inside the document area to go to the table of contents and/or to the top of the page|To obtain the full URL of a web page, right-click the web page's entry in the website navigation menu on the left and select 'Copy Link' from the context menu)}

"*the "Pages" menu section*"

  (doc1/doc1.html|Welcome page)
  (doc5/doc5.html|Special characters|Right-click this link and select 'Open in new window' to see the HTML codes for the special characters [offline mode only])
  (doc7/doc7.html|Embedded objects|The objects embedded in a page may consist of images, videos, music players, etc)
  [(doc2/doc2.html|Chapter|A chapter can group pages, folders, or other chapters)
      (doc3/doc3.html|Chapter page)
      @[(doc8/doc8.html|Sub-chapter|Sub-chapter with automatically-linked pages)
          (doc8/doc8-1.html|Sub-chapter page 1)
          (doc8/doc8-2.html|Sub-chapter page 2)
  [(|Folder|A folder can group pages, chapters, or other folders)
     (doc4/doc4.html|Folder item)

"*the "Links" menu section*"

  (doc6/doc6.html|Page containing links)
  (/fr/page3.html|Page #3 in the French section|Links to a page in a different language automatically change the language selection)
  (http://www.google.com|External link to Google|External links are opened in a new window/tab)

"*the "Files" menu section*"

  (document.pdf|A PDF document|Non-HTML files that can be displayed directly inside a web browser, e.g. PDF documents, stand-alone image files, etc, are opened in a new window/tab)
  (/archive.zip|A ZIP archive|Downloadable files, e.g archives, word documents, etc, are opened in their default application or they bring up the download manager, according to the browser settings)

"*the "Tutorial" menu section*"

   (wsx_tutorial/wsx_tutorial.html^WSX Tutorial|opens in new window)